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Why do you study Japanese?
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There are bound to be various reasons for why you started thinking about studying Japanese.

For example, you may have become interested in Japanese because you were exposed to Japanese at high school, because you like Japanese manga and anime, or because you wish to work in Japan in the future.

We believe that you can be happier and achieve a more prosperous life if you can develop your potential by studying Japanese and make use of it in your future work and life.

OSJ Japanese Language Academy Toyonaka will provide full support for your first steps toward this.

Let’s study Japanese together.

What kinds of human resources does OSJ Japanese Language Academy Toyonaka develop?
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Our school aims to develop people who can derive happiness, make others around them happy, and contribute to society through the learning of Japanese.

Students not only attend classes to study Japanese but also have repeated opportunities to gain new experience by participating in field trips, recreational activities, and a variety of seasonal events to understand differences in culture and traditions.

In addition, a unique feature of OSJ Japanese Language Academy Toyonaka is that students can take advantage of valuable opportunities to directly see and experience the actual work of care workers at “Kagayaki,” a nursing care facility for the elderly located at the same site as the school.

Message from the Principal

As the principal of OSJ Japanese Language Academy Toyonaka, I sincerely wish to welcome you to our school.

I am sure that anyone taking on new challenges in a foreign country probably experiences a mixture of anticipation and anxiety.

At our school, we do not use a class style in which teachers convey knowledge to students in a non-interactive way. In line with our slogan, “Let’s grow together,” we want to learn and develop together with you. It is my wish that you improve your humanity through the study of Japanese, become happy, achieve self-fulfillment, and grow into a person who can contribute to society.

You can take on challenges with peace of mind at our school. All of our teachers and other staff will support you as you make a new start.

Toshinori Yokoyama, PrincipalOSJ Japanese Language Academy Toyonaka

Each class at Japanese Language Academy Toyonaka is 50 minutes long. There are five classes (5 × 50 minutes) per day from Monday to Friday.

Compare our school with other typical Japanese language schools. The number of class hours at our school is very good, and our unique curriculum is designed to ensure that students can achieve results even if they just study at school.

Course Level
2-year course starting in April Admission at the JLPT N5 level

The curriculum is designed to ensure that students can pass the JLPT N1 or N2 level at the time of graduation.

* 5 classes per day (1 class = 50 minutes)

Monday to Friday (no classes on Saturday, Sunday, or public holidays)

25 classes per week, 40 class weeks per year

Summer holiday: 6 weeks (from late July to the end of August)

Autumn holiday: 1 week (in late September)

Winter holiday: 2 weeks (from late December to early January)

Spring holiday: 3 weeks (from late March to early April)

The materials used in classes are selected based on the results of placement and achievement tests conducted for the Japanese language learners as well as their levels and purposes.

Daily life of international students (part-time jobs)

If you work part-time while enrolled as a student, you need to notify the school.

There are restrictions with respect to the types of part-time jobs and hours permitted. In principle, students may work part-time for up to 28 hours per week and up to 40 hours per week during long vacations (summer and winter holidays).

* Please contact us for details.

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Get up
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Part-time job
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Future planning

The typical path that an international student takes after graduation from a Japanese language school is to continue on to enrollment in a Japanese school to acquire a wide range of knowledge before employment.

Students can obtain professional knowledge of nursing care at the OSJ Toyonaka Care School of the Osaka Prefectural Social Welfare Foundation (Osakafu Shakaifukushi Jigyoudan).

Students who enroll in this school after graduating from a Japanese language school can learn specialized knowledge of nursing care and have the opportunity to find employment in nursing care facilities, workers for which are high in demand, after graduation.

They will also qualify for a national qualification—Certified Care Worker—at the time of graduation, and this qualification is a great advantage for long-term employment in Japan in the future.

City with qualityeducation and culture

OSJ Japanese Language Academy Toyonaka is located in Toyonaka City, which is on the north side of the central part of Osaka Prefecture. Toyonaka borders Suita City on its east side, Itami City on its west side, and Ikeda and Minoh Cities on its north side. The school is readily accessible and a three-minute walk from Osaka Monorail Shibahara Handai-mae Station, which is approximately 15 minutes from Osaka International (Itami) Airport by monorail. Thus, the school has good access to transportation.

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① School exterior
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